Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of  COVID-19 on SaaS Company Financial Strategy and Planning


This video shares the research we have collected on how SaaS leaders are modifying their Financial Strategy and Planning. Content includes impact on Equity Funding, Loan availability, and Revenue Planning.


RevOps Squared, in partnership with The Sandhill Group and, have conducted research to collect the insights and recommendations from over 200+ SaaS companies, SaaS CEOs, Venture Capital Investors, Private Equity Investors, and other industry thought leaders.

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of COVID-19 on SaaS Churn Rate



RevOps Squared has conducted research across the SaaS industry to collect benchmarks and insights into how the COVID-19 economic impact will impact Churn Rates for SaaS companies.


At the time of this video publishing, 200+ SaaS companies in combination with publicly available research from trusted SaaS leaders including Gainsight and Bessemer Ventures has been captured, normalized and analyzed for this episode of the RevOps Squared Video Blog.

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of  COVID-19 on SaaS Sales Professionals


SaaS Sales has been impacted by the economic malaise created by the COVID-19 pandemic. RevOps Squared in partnership with the Bridge Group is conducting research on how SaaS Sales organizations are being affected and managing the financial impact.


The video shares our early findings on quota modification, staff reductions, hiring plans and how Account Executives can be prepared for the reality of the new customer buying journey through the remainder of 2020....and 2021.

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of  COVID-19 on SaaS SDRs


In this episode of the RevOps Squared Video Blog, we discuss the preliminary findings from our B2B SaaS research in partnership with Tenfold.


Specifically, we share insights including what percentage of SaaS companies have reduced SDR staff in the first 30 days since the economic impact of COVID-19, what % have seen reduced quotas and activity goals, and what best practices SDR's can leverage.


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