Metrics that Measure Up

RevOps Squared empowers SaaS companies with research, industry benchmarks and advisory services that increase Enterprise Value

The RevOps Squared SaaS Benchmarking Index

B2B SaaS Industry Key Performance Indicators, built upon the RevOps Squared KPI Framework, benchmarked against "Like" company peer groups


We enable leadership teams to make metrics informed decisions using KPIs across the five Pillars of Enterprise Value creation including Capital Efficiency, Company Growth, Operational Efficiency, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention.








Company Growth





How We Help

We collect, normalize, and publish industry benchmarks that enable companies to see how their Key Performance Indicators measure up against similar, peer group companies

Our KPI Performance Benchmarking platform provides companies of all sizes the ability to calculate KPIs using industry-standard formulas.  This standardization makes comparisons to the industry benchmarks more relevant for their decision making.

Private investors and public company shareholders use SaaS industry metrics to determine your Enterprise Value in the context of “like” companies.

Employees become more aligned to corporate objectives when they have departmental objectives that are aligned to and directly impact company objectives.

Data-Driven Metrics Informed Decisions

Benchmark against relevant KPIs

RevOps Squared provides industry-standard benchmarked Key Performance Indicators that directly impact Enterprise Value Creation across every department.

Benchmark against “Like” Company Peers

Company-specific attributes including ACV, company size, growth rate, distribution model, target market, and solution type are used to compare your KPIs to externally benchmarked Key Performance Indicators measured against "Like" companies.

Measure  performance cross-functionally


Allows SaaS companies to measure and compare their performance metrics against industry-standard KPIs across departments in context of the horizontal processes that drive increased Enterprise Value. 

Common goals = Shared Success


Leaders in every department need to share common, industry-standard, measurable KPIs that directly impact the Pillars of Enterprise Value including Capital Efficiency, Company Growth, Operational Efficiency and Customer Value.

RevOps Squared provides insights into how your metrics measure up against the SaaS Performance Index highlighting opportunities for improved operational performance and increased enterprise value.


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