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This calculator is for basic SaaS company Enterprise Valuation Metrics calculations using our recommended formulas and definitions.  You may find different calculations are being used at your company.  Please check with your investors or board members for which model they prefer.  

For example, some SaaS companies use a Gross Margin Adjusted CAC Ratio while others do not factor in Gross Margin.  Our recommended approach is not to factor in Gross Margin for the CAC Ratio, but do  use Gross Margin for Customer Lifetime Value calculation

CAC Ratio

Calculator for each



Model your CAC Ratio including New Name, Expansion, Blended, and Departmental CAC Ratios


RevOps Squared has developed a simple CAC Ratio calculator that enables SaaS executive teams beyond Finance to calculate all three primary CAC Ratios critical to SaaS companies.


CAC Ratio as the ANCHOR ALIGNMENT KPI is introduced in this calculator.  This includes an easy to use model to calculate the departmental CAC Ratio for Marketing, Sales Development, Sales, and Customer Sucess.

Customer Retention/Renewal Cost Ratio is also included which is a new KPI that measures the efficiency of existing customer retention and expansion.