Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of  COVID-19 on SaaS Company Financial Strategy and Planning


This video shares the research we have collected on how SaaS leaders are modifying their Financial Strategy and Planning. Content includes impact on Equity Funding, Loan availability, and Revenue Planning.


RevOps Squared, in partnership with The Sandhill Group and, have conducted research to collect the insights and recommendations from over 200+ SaaS companies, SaaS CEOs, Venture Capital Investors, Private Equity Investors, and other industry thought leaders.

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


The Impact of COVID-19 on SaaS Churn Rate



RevOps Squared has conducted research across the SaaS industry to collect benchmarks and insights into how the COVID-19 economic impact will impact Churn Rates for SaaS companies.


At the time of this video publishing, 200+ SaaS companies in combination with publicly available research from trusted SaaS leaders including Gainsight and Bessemer Ventures has been captured, normalized and analyzed for this episode of the RevOps Squared Video Blog.

SaaS Enterprise Valuation Benchmarks

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


CAC Ratio - Introducing the Alignment KPI across marketing, sales and customer success

This edition of the RevOps Squared Video Blog highlights the anchoring effect of the CAC Ratio to enhance alignment across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

This episode discusses the three types of CAC ratios that every SaaS company should measure including 1) New Name Customer CAC Ratio; 2) Existing Customer Expansion CAC Ratio; 3) Blended New ARR CAC Ratio.

In addition, Ray introduces why each Go-To-Market department should have its own CAC Ratio that is directly aligned and impact the Company CAC Ratio.  

Come learn more about Marketing CAC Ratio, Sales CAC Ratio, Sales Development CAC Ratio, and Customer Success CAC Ratio

Ray Rike - CEO RevOps Squared 


Customer Success Customer Acquisition & Customer Retention Cost Ratio

Customer Success is a growing professional, gaining material importance in SaaS companies. As the SaaS industry continues to mature, expansion revenue and customer retention are 2 of the most critical KPIs that drive Enterprise Value. Today, most SaaS companies only calculate New Customer Acquisition Ratio and miss the Expansion Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio, which becomes more material as a SaaS company reaches 20% - 50% of growth revenue coming from existing customers. Moreover, with "Churn" being a top 3 KPI for SaaS company Enterprise Valuation, it's amazing that less than 5% of SaaS companies calculate the efficiency of customer retention. Specifically, what is the cost to retain/renew each existing $ of ARR? Come learn how to use the Customer Success CAC Ratio and Customer Retention Cost Ratio. The CAC Ratio is the #1 anchor alignment for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success across the entire Customer Journey.

SaaS Financial Modeling

CAC Ratio Calculator

for the

New Normal

Model the impact of COVID-19 on Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio - New Name, Expansion and Blended CAC Ratio


RevOps Squared has developed a simple calculator that enables SaaS executive teams to measure revisions to resources, revenue, and costs on company strategy and financial plans.


Why the emphasis on the CAC ratio? RevOps Squared considers the CAC ratio to be a critical metric when evaluating SaaS team alignment, company performance, and health.

We measure CAC ratio as how much your company spends on fully loaded fixed and variable sales and marketing costs for every dollar of revenue earned.

CAC Ratio

Calculator for each



Model your CAC Ratio including New Name, Expansion, Blended and Departmental CAC Ratio


RevOps Squared has developed a simple CAC Ratio calculator that enables SaaS executive teams beyond Finance  to calculate all three primary CAC Ratios critical to SaaS companies.


CAC Ratio as the ANCHOR ALIGNMENT KPI is introduced in this calculator.  This includes an easy to use model to calculate the departmental CAC Ratio for Marketing, Sales Development, Sales and Customer Sucess.

Customer Retention/Renewal Cost Ratio is also included which is a new KPI that measures the efficiency of existing customer retention and expansion.


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