B2B SaaS Sales Development - How the Profession has been Affected by COVID-19

Ray Rike, CEO, of RevOps Squared and David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound discuss the findings from their latest research.  Eight different topics and ideas are shared in this question and answer session.

Topics included SDR reductions, concern on future reductions, activity level changes, inbound vs outbound segmentation, and recommendations for sales development professionals as we enter the new normal.

Customer Buyer Journey - Before, During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Martyn Lewis, Founder and CEO of Market Partners, and author of  "How Customers Buy and Why they Don't" was a special guest on this episode of the RevOps Squared Video Blog.


Martyn shares insights that he has gained from over 20 years and mapping over 1,000 Buying Journeys.  Insights shared include what changes he saw following the economic crisis of 2001/2002 and again after the financial crisis of 2008/2009.


Martyn also shares the six (6) components of every Customer Buying Journey and discusses the critical concept of better understanding "How Companies Buy" versus "Why they Buy".


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