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RevOps Squared empowers SaaS companies with research, industry benchmarks and advisory services that increase Enterprise Value

B2B SaaS Industry Key Performance Indicators, built upon the RevOps Squared KPI Framework, benchmarked against "Like" company peer groups


We enable leadership teams to make metrics informed decisions using KPIs across the four Pillars of Enterprise Value creation including Capital Efficiency, Company Growth, Operational Efficiency, and Customer Value.

Why do so Many SaaS Companies Struggle with Cross-Functional Team Alignment?


Departmental Goals Create Friction

SaaS companies often have each department individually define and report against functional KPIs that are not aligned with the KPIs that impact enterprise value

Dashboards that Highlight KPIs that do not Impact Enterprise Value

Departmental reports showing metrics that do not directly align to top level company performance KPIs and/or do not impact Enterprise Value


Each function in isolation refines their processes,  invests in new tools or change out leaders which fails to produce the desired results


Decisions Are Often Made In Isolation


Internal Metrics often Exclude External Context

Many companies capture departmental metrics,  which are often questioned for their accuracy, relevance and correlation to company performance and do not align to corporate, value creating objectives and metrics

Data Driven - Metrics Informed Decisions

RevOps Squared provides insights into how your metrics measure up against the SaaS Performance Index highlighting opportunities for improved operational performance and increased enterprise value.

Benchmarked against relevant KPIs

RevOps Squared provides industry-standard benchmarked Key Performance Indicators that directly impact Enterprise Value Creation across every department.

Benchmark against “Like” Company Peers

Company-specific attributes including ACV, company size, growth rate, distribution model, target market, and solution type are used to compare your KPIs to externally benchmarked Key Performance Indicators measured against "Like" companies.

Measure  performance cross-functionally

Allows SaaS companies to measure and compare their performance metrics against industry-standard KPIs across departments in context of the horizontal processes that drive increased Enterprise Value. 

Common goals = Shared Success

Leaders in every department need to share common, industry-standard, measurable KPIs that directly impact the Pillars of Enterprise Value including Capital Efficiency, Company Growth, Operational Efficiency and Customer Value.

How We Help


RevOps Squared conducts SaaS industry research that collects, aggregates, anonymizes and publishes Key Performance Indicator Benchmarks across the entire Customer Lifecycle including Customer Acquisition, Expansion, and Retention.


These operational KPI’s are then made available in the KPI Benchmarking Index, allowing company leadership teams to gain insight into how their revenue generation process efficiency measures up to “Like Company” peer groups.

Advisory Services

RevOps  Squared offers a high touch, consultative approach to analyze existing and underperforming KPIs using our proprietary assessment methodology. In addition, we identify KPIs that are not currently being captured or are not being calculated using industry-standard variables. 


Each engagement includes an executive benchmark assessment report including KPI enhancement and process improvement opportunities delivered in an interactive, executive team briefing

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